SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ is Now Open at Universal Studios Hollywood!
Park to Park

Let’s-a-go! The colorful world of Mario has opened at Universal Studios Hollywood. It took a group of talented and passionate Team Members from every department to breathe life into this interactive land. We got to hear from a few Team Members about how it felt to be a part of this historic achievement.

“It’s been amazing to watch everyone’s reaction. I’ve been working on this project for quite some time now and finally getting to see my coworkers and other Team Members come to the park…it’s been a beautiful thing to watch.”

  • Gail, Assistant Manager of Sound Direction

“The most exciting part for me is to see the reactions of our guests and our Team Members. I’ve worked at Universal for ten years. I’ve seen a tremendous amount of incredible attractions open, but this one is special. The gleam in the eye of people as they walk in…it’s unlike anything I’ve seen, and I feel very honored and proud to be part of this.”

  • Steven, Senior Manager of Internal Communications

“I think it’s going to be game changing. I like the idea that Disney has to keep chasing us. I think it distinguishes us. It’s the only thing on the continent like this, and I think it’s the beginning of an evolution that’s going to really shape the future of theme parks.”

  • Paul, Retail Operations Manager

“This land is really exciting for me personally, because I grew up in the nineties playing Mario. Now my nieces and nephews, they’re playing on the switch. It’s a multi-generational experience for us, so I can’t wait to bring them.”

  • Jordan, Ride Operator 

“I’ve ridden Mario Kart so many times that I’ve lost count. It’s colorful, exciting and chaotic in the best way. My favorite part is the Rainbow Road. I love it in all the Mario games and being able to experience it is a dream come true.” 

  • Bianca, Ride Operator 

“I love SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™. It’s absolutely beautiful. To see everyone’s faces light up and the energy that we saw on the first day when everybody came in was amazing.”

  • John, Lead Application Engineering and Technical Services

“Everyone’s reaction has been amazing. They absolutely love it. Even if you don’t play the games, it doesn’t matter. It’s a new experience. My favorite part about working in the park are the interactions with everyone and being a part of history.”

  • Chanel, Interactive Experiences

“This park has always been known for bringing movies to life. And now we bring video games to life. It’s so fun because it’s like you’re in the game. Who doesn’t want to be in a video game!?”

  • Tommy, Entertainment Supervisor for Costume Operations

“It’s kind of a full circle [for me] because I remember coming to Universal when I was younger. We had a Nintendo championship here back in like 1990, and as a kid, I loved coming to that. So now that we have a world, it’s like being a kid again.”

  • Rudy, Engineering for Parks Technology

It took a lot of collaboration, dedication and teamwork to create this unique experience. And hearing all the fun and exciting fanfare from both guests and Team Members, it sounds like everyone has won.

Click here to watch the grand opening celebration and hear what guests are saying about SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.