Universal Orlando Volunteer Program Reaches Record Community Impact and Names President’s Volunteer of the Year 

Universal Orlando recently hosted a celebratory event to honor the tremendous accomplishments of more than 400 Team Member Volunteers who went above and beyond in 2023. These volunteers are a part of a prestigious recognition initiative known as Club 52 – an honor bestowed upon any Team Member who completes 52 hours of volunteer service or more in a calendar year. 

In recognition of their efforts, each Club 52 member can nominate a qualified local non-profit organization to receive a grant from the Universal Orlando Foundation. 

Volunteering and being of service to the community is a core part of the Universal Orlando culture, and Universal Orlando’s Club 52 program is one of the ways we encourage Team Members to bring it to life.  

“I believe giving back to our community is embedded in our culture. It represents who we are as a company, what we stand for and showcases that our Team Members are truly the heart of all we do.” 

Karen Irwin, President & COO, Universal Orlando Resort.

Karen Irwin presented the biggest recognition offered to a Team Member Volunteer, the President’s Volunteer of the Year Award, to Club 52 Member Jacquie Dunbar, for exemplifying outstanding passion and consistency with her service. Jacquie volunteered 230 hours last year in support of local nonprofit Hope Helps whose mission is to prevent and reduce hunger and homelessness in Central Florida. Jacquie serves as Supervisor in the Guest Contact Center and encourages her fellow Team Members to start their own volunteer journeys, acting as a Volunteer Ambassador for her department. 

“I volunteer as a way to give back to the community that I grew up in. Knowing that I am contributing to an organization that will allow our clients to breathe a little easier and not have to worry about their next meal is incredibly fulfilling. It makes my heart happy!” 

Jacquie Dunbar

From distributing meals at local food banks to supporting children with critical illnesses and more, Team Members dedicate countless hours to volunteerism. In 2023 alone, Universal Orlando Team Members set a record with over 64,000 hours of volunteer service – a more than 50% increase over the prior year’s total. Since the inception of the program, Universal Orlando Team Members have contributed over 600,000 hours of volunteer service. 

Read below to see what other Club 52 members had to say when asked what volunteering means to them. 

“Volunteering provides me with an invaluable opportunity to contribute meaningfully to my community. By giving my time and energy to causes I am passionate about, I can make a positive impact on the lives of others and address pressing social issues.”

TJ Jana, Director of Marketing Platforms and Operations

“Volunteering to me is a beautiful tapestry of diverse individuals coming together, each with their unique motivations and backgrounds, all united by a common purpose. For me, volunteering is not just an opportunity, but a privilege born out of the circumstances of my own life.”

Gemy Meyers, Intern, Turnstiles – Universal Islands of Adventure

“Volunteering to me means helping others not only in my community but also around the world. I volunteer because I believe if you want to see good in the world it all depends on you!”

Chantel Eubanks, Lead Event Guide

“Volunteering for me started when I was young with my mom, despite our own hardships at the time, telling us that there is always someone who needs more help than we can even imagine.”

Bill O’Reilly, Entertainment Tech and Parade Float Driver

“I volunteer because I had “Service Heroes” in my life, who modeled to me a life full of serving and caring for others. By volunteering, I carry on their legacy and define my own as I invest in the lives of others.”

Carson Ryan, Event Sales Associate Rep