The Lost World Restaurant Reopens at Universal Studios Japan with A New Menu Reflecting Food Diversity
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Universal Studios Japan will begin offering a new “Plant-Based Menu” and other options reflecting “food diversity” so inbound guests can dine in comfort at the “Lost World Restaurant” (currently “Monster Hunter: Seliana Dining Room” / reopening Friday July 5). 
Additionally, biodegradable containers made using eco-friendly materials and drink cups made from recycled plastic PET bottles will be introduced at select locations beginning Monday July 1, 2024.

About the “Lost World Restaurant”

The “Lost World Restaurant” is inspired by the concept of a restaurant in the deep jungles of the resort on the island of “Isla Nublar” where guests are fully immersed in the world of the hit film, “Jurassic Park”. A diverse new menu of options ranging from American to diverse ethnic dishes has been prepared for guests visiting from all over the world to meet the dinosaurs brought back to life in the modern age. The Lost World Restaurant is scheduled to reopen on Friday, July 5, 2024, welcoming guests to leap into the world of Jurassic Park.

The reopening of the Lost World Restaurant will feature a new “plant-based menu” for all entrees, sides, and desserts so that the growing number of domestic and international guests can choose from options which meet their needs. By providing menu options that do not utilize animal products such as meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products, and honey, including secondary ingredients such as food additives, and using plant-based ingredients, we will achieve “diversity in food” to accommodate a wide range of guests from various cultural backgrounds. This will be the first restaurant in the park to offer a “plant-based menu” for all main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. Diversity is also reflected in the menu with a wide range of ethnic and American style dishes.


Jurassic Family Plate | Jurassic Beef Steak Plate | Garlic Roasted Chicken Plate

Massaman & Red Curry Plate | Plant Based – Vegetable Pho Plate | Jurassic Kids Plate

Spicy Chili Potatoes | Plant Based – Vegetable Spring Rolls | Plant Based – Fried Wonton & Vegetable

Amber & Mango Tofa | Volcano French Toast

About Biodegradable Containers and Drink Cups made from Eco-Friendly Materials

Beginning last year, Universal Studios Japan has reduced the use of plastics at the park. Last year, most restaurants in the park changed cutlery (forks, spoons, and knives) from plastic to wood, and began offering straw-less lids (lids for drinks that do not require straws) made from recycled plastic (excluding some drink items). To further reduce the use of plastic, the park will begin using eco-friendly biodegradable containers and drink cups made from recycled plastic in the park starting on Monday, July 1, 2024.

To further promote sustainable initiatives, we aim to use more than 50% of sustainable materials* (by weight) in cutlery and other items provided to guests at our restaurants, including expanding the use of environmentally friendly materials.

* Eco-friendly biodegradable containers: This is an effective use of sugarcane pomace, which was conventionally disposed of as waste, as a food container. Using it as a substitute for wood pulp reduces the amount of deforestation, thereby helping to protect forests and reduce CO2 emissions.

* Sustainable materials: Renewable resources such as wood and paper, recycled plastics, or bioplastics. 

Locations Introducing the use of Biodegradable Containers

Mel’s Drive-In

Locations Introducing the use of Drink Cups made from Recycled PET Plastic

Louie’s N.Y. Pizza Parlor, Beverly Hills Boulangerie, Mel’s Drive-In, Studio Stars Restaurant and the Discovery Restaurant

Universal Studios Japan will continue to provide guests with the world’s best entertainment and service while always being conscious of our impact on the environment to build a bright future together with our guests.