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Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Halloween Horror Nights Past & Present

A History of the Haunts

It all began innocently enough. Well, “innocently” isn’t the right term, but it didn’t become the World’s Premier Halloween Event overnight. In 1991, Universal Studios Florida hosted a Halloween event called Fright Nights. The fledgling event spanned just three nights and featured a number of shows and experiences throughout the theme park, including one haunted house. “The Dungeon of Terror” haunted house snaked its way through a ride queue where guests entered multiple themed rooms and encountered an assortment of terrifying characters and creatures.

The success of Universal Studios Fright Nights led to the return of the event the following year, though the name was forever changed to Halloween Horror Nights. The second year would see multiple expansions, adding another haunted house and two more nights, bringing the total to five.

In the following years, Halloween Horror Nights would continue to grow in scope, regularly expanding event nights and haunted houses, while surpassing one milestone after another. In 1994, the scare zone was introduced when the streets of Hollywood inside Universal Studios Florida were transformed to “Horrorwood” and filled with terrifying scareactors (and, of course, chainsaws). Halloween Horror Nights officially launched at Universal Studios Hollywood in 1997. It would remain one of only two locations to host the event until 2011 and 2012 when Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Singapore began their Halloween Horror Nights franchises, respectively.

Today’s Terrors

Fast-forward to the present, and Halloween Horror Nights is a global phenomenon. In 2021, Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan each hosted Halloween Horror Nights. Each park’s annual event varies in its own haunting ways, but they all share the same Halloween Horror Nights DNA that has made the event such a resounding success year after year.

Jack the Clown

Universal Studios Florida

Being the twisted birthplace of Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Florida is known for hosting the largest, most intense Halloween Horror Nights event. And it only seems to get bigger every year, with terrifying haunted houses that number in the double digits, inescapable scare zones throughout the entire park and outrageous live shows that showcase jaw-dropping entertainment. The event brings to life some of the biggest names in the horror genre along with original creations like the fan-favorite icons and characters from years past.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood takes place every fall with a similar lineup of nightmarish mazes, sinister scare zones, and live entertainment themed to iconic horror movies, TV shows and more. The unique horror element exclusive to the Hollywood park, is the iconic Terror Tram. Guests can climb aboard at their own risk, where they quickly find out why we tell them to always remember one thing at Halloween Horror Nights: Never Go Alone.

Halloween Horror Nights 2021

Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan first opened its gates to Halloween Horror Nights back in 2011 with immersive experiences that make guests feel a part of the horror. Zombie-infested streets are a normal reoccurrence in the event. The streets also feature unique storylines inspired by the world of manga and more. The Park also celebrates with a family-friendly daytime Halloween event with theme park characters decked out in Halloween costumes.

Now more than thirty years after it first started in Orlando, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights has become THE Halloween event for those willing to brave the scares. From opposite sides of the United States to opposite corners of the globe, each theme park’s Halloween Horror Nights event has a lot to live up to every year, and every year the challenge is met, with the theme parks always dying to show guests a scary good time.